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? ? ? Jiangsu Xi Yan Law Firm is a professional and partnership law firm initiated by a group of young lawyers who are energetic, determined to forge ahead and determined to engage in lawyer's work, approved by the Ministry of Justice. With a registered capital of 3 million yuan, located in the south of Fushou West Road, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, with an office area of 1188 square meters and ample office space and advanced office facilities and facilities, Management of the law firm, there are currently lawyers and administrative staff a total of 12 people.
? ? ? 1, natural words
? ? ? The word "Xi Yan" of Jiangsu Xi Yan Law Firm comes from "Xi Yan Natural" in "Moral Classic"! "Xi Yan" means "a few words, more work", and this is the original intention of Xi Yan who founded the law firm! Xi Yan people not only the pursuit of formal speaking, but also the pursuit of useful words, said the words loudly! Grasp the substance of the matter, concise and concise, with more practical action to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, is our pursuit of people, but also the cultural connotation of what they say.
? ? ? 2, the team profile
? ? ? Xi Yan team currently has eight professional lawyers. 5 partners are full-time lawyers, and 2 were registered as a national construction division, 2 consultants have a practitioner qualification certificate, 1 person with expert English practice qualification. Practicing lawyers outside the partnership, all have professional legal personnel with a bachelor's degree or above in law. Xi Yan team is a determined aggressive young legal services team, the average age of 33 team members. Xi Yan team adhere to the provision of professional legal services programs as their responsibility; uphold the standardization, branding, professional development. With corporate legal counsel, high-end non-litigation and litigation and arbitration expertise, in addition to ordinary civil and commercial case business, in the construction of real estate, corporate investment business, foreign business has also formed its own professional characteristics, with strong competitiveness.
? ? ? 3, business areas
? ? ? Xi Yan law so the service business as the focus of business direction, focusing on corporate legal advisers, construction real estate, equity investment, economic contract disputes, corporate labor disputes, the company legal services and other fields. Practitioners in the team have a solid legal knowledge, and more proficiency in business management. Prior to his appointment as a lawyer, he served as vice president and legal director of large construction enterprise groups. He has accumulated a wealth of experience in corporate management and lawyers. He has experience in construction contract disputes, corporate non-litigation and litigation, mergers and acquisitions and other related legal matters Deep research.?
? ? ? 4, the core strengths
? ? ?Professional division of labor and teamwork of the combination of mode of operation as well as high quality, high efficiency, the principle of the interests of customers first formed by the Institute to provide customers with high quality services, the fundamental mechanism.
The establishment of corporate services in the field of corporate business department, construction real estate department and other specialized departments, not only to ensure the development of lawyers expertise, but also to focus on the formation of a team of outstanding lawyers in all fields, promote teamwork, collaborative case handling, complement each other to form synergy, Ensure the quality of handling cases
? ? ? We deeply know that the newly-established Xi Yan needs to constantly push forward in order to make progress. We sincerely look forward to our customers to participate in and witness the growth of Xi Yan, at the same time, Xi Yan will provide you with high quality legal services for the steady development of customer units Escort!